Victor Rubilar

Circus Super Star

Victor Rubilar
At the age of 15 Victor realized that he would never find a girl relying on his looks only. It was then when the plan was born, to become the best in the world of something. For unknown reasons, that something ended up being football freestyling and juggling. “The things that Victor can do with a football are mesmerizing”. These are the words of the Director in Chief of the Guinness Book of Records. Victor’s crusade to find love took him all the way to break 4 Guinness World records. In his performance, Victor mixes latino soap opera with the passion of a football arena. Be prepared to be amazed with his football skills, entertained with his hilarious comedy but most of all, be prepare to be surprised with his world known bik(Spoiler alert)! A family show that everybody can enjoy SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Circus Super Star
Country: Argentina
Genre: Football Comedy Show