Baccalà Clown


Baccalà Clown
Poetic, surreal, intimate and infinitely enjoyable, PSS PSS is a show which puts two contemporary clowns on stage, showing us the game of desire and being two, communicating with the universal language of the body and look. Its title sums up the sweet sound of a gesture that is easily remembered and gives strength and complicity to its partner. These characters without words, transport us in a timeless performance with all the seriousness the innocence and the unkindness of childhood. On stage the two love, face, reconcile and support each other and are always touching in their desire to succeed. Perfect in their silence, dreamers like in those of the clumsy comedies, the Baccalà Clown have travelled the world with their charming story where everything is allowed. By and with Camilla Pessi and Simone Fassari Directed by Louis Spagna Artistic collaboration and technical management Valerio Fassari Light designer Christoph Siegenthaler SUITABLE: FROM 8 YEARS
Show: Pss/Pss
Country: Swiss / Italy
Genre: Clown, Theatre