Duo Bucolico

Furia Ludica

Duo Bucolico
Game folly straight jacket the fifth record by Duo Bucolico infests the world coloring it ornge alarms stereo and nongolfiera melody. The game turns the world upside down. But its serious : making you laugh cry and shout. We get older searching for our youth our dead bodies getting smaller. Like Ermete Trimegisto large and small hero tiny warrior tiny partisan. We feed on music. Furia Ludica is a record composed in a van between messina and Milan or between Isernia and Seligallia.la Bega e i Cani: hours and hours of digression theory of plots thing to make you run your fingers through your hair. Who would travel around with 5 newfoundlands ? Il Mezcal (is a type of dance for timid warriors ) was born on the trip from Catania Palermo. Mantra Town was born in Cesenatico, looking out to sea and dreaming of a magical land. How much is Nirvana? Whats the difference between a hippy and a saint? To know all the answers you need to understand the language of the flute. Then there is rap a new frontier. Furia Ludica: game folly and bucolica completey sober stop at an autogrill and purchase the greatest hits by Baglioni. SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Furia Ludica
Country: Italy
Genre: Songwriting neurasthenic
Email: duobucolico@gmail.com,
Url: www.duobucolico.com