Eccentrici Dadarò - I Fratelli Caproni


Eccentrici Dadarò - I Fratelli Caproni
There is a German, an American and an Italian. Sounds like the beginning of a joke……..but this is a true story! A story without time. A story of three clowns with a rifle . three clowns dressed up with a rifle…perhaps three soldier clowns . but what is their story? A story where you laugh at the gags. Makes you think of Charlie Chaplin at the end of his famous film…….. “greed has poisoned our hearts has created hate in the world and carry out the most evil things. The richness has created poverty, science has transformed us into cynics , turned us into evil and non caring we think a lot and hear little ……..soldiers don’t defend slavery but freedom!” SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Operativi!
Country: Italy
Genre: Street theatre,