Five Quartet Trio

Bus stop

Five Quartet Trio
At a bus stop, during a day apparently like many others, three very different people but very close each other, face the most important adventure of life: the discovery the treasure hidden in the diversity of other people. A lazy and sloppy worker and a methodical and meticulous employee, nervously wait for a bus to go to work. The fate and randomness of events lead them to the unexpected meeting with an eccentric vagabond. Together they are catapulted into a certain but unpredictable fate, made of reality and fantasy. “Bus stop” is a show of high-impact, fun and ironic: the bus stop is transformed into the circus in which juggling, acrobatics and Chinese pole will follow one another. From this original form of show, the audience will be excited and gradually involved into a dreaming world with strong and fascinating contrasts. SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Bus stop
Country: Italy
Genre: Circus - Theater