Il Libero Pensatore

Il Letto Volante

Il Libero Pensatore
"A flying bed! Eureka! I will produce a flying bed! A propeller, wheels, an engine, wings ... and I can finally get out of here." Stuck at home by illness, a seventy-two man, half-illiterate, half philosopher, inventor, eclectic, and especially "free-thinker", finds the perfect solution. From a true story, a fairy tale for adults and children. “The Flying Bed” is a lot of things: an illustrated story for youngs and adults, an animation project for hospitalized children, and a piece of street theater in Pennabilli. “The Flying Bed”is represented from time to time as a fable, or as theatrical piece, or as entertainment with games for children. Between one show and another, the company will move in the streets of Pennabilli with an original motorized WC. SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Il Letto Volante
Country: Italy
Genre: Street theatre