Makkaroni Band

Beffeggiando i Classici...

Makkaroni Band
Five incredible musicians, very original for their mix of music and theatre. The "Makkaroni" mix styles and genres with great skill, passing from the Arabic music to the Balkan one, from the Italian folk to swing, from klezmer to South American music, from Naples blues to Dixieland, waltz and polka. They are five and play like a band of numerous elements, proposing a musical alchemy of great energy. Very famous throughout Europe, now they propose a new show on the road ... full of laughs. During their shows, they use instruments such as trumpet, trombone, clarinet, tuba, saxophone and percussions. Their look is very particular with a top hat or a bowler that always characterizes their shows. Like the great Italian chefs, they "serve" their gags and their music to a audience of all ages. SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Beffeggiando i Classici...
Country: Italy
Genre: Music show