Il Quetzal

A Mexican "Aztec" mixes fire and Afro-Cuban percussion, introducing musical instruments and rituals of the Mexican Aztec culture, with a unique style that takes you back in time. When two old souls gather together give care and harmony. It is not a show on fire, it is a ritual with fire as main actor, representing, with movements and tribal dances, the most venerated ancient souls of the Aztec culture: the Eagle, the Jaguar and the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl). The fire is enhanced by the skill of the artist and the rhythm of his drums takes us in an imaginary travel in his far-off land. The artist "Quetzal", mythological character of the Aztec culture, creates his show with the intention to express, transmit and assimilate the importance of the healing energy of fire. The Quetzal dances for the "beloved" fire and creates his music, using a system of self-registration (loop), in order to obtain the rhythms of ancient ritual drums, bringing the public back in time. SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Il Quetzal
Country: Mexico
Genre: Fire and percussions