Vladimiro Strinati

Paure e Meraviglie

Vladimiro Strinati
A selection of fairy tales and fables linked to the eccentricity and the marvels of the Emilia Romagna region. Short stories narrated with figures and objects ranging from "Pochettino fairy tale" (an original version of the fairy tale "The child in the sack" by Italo Calvino); to "The Legend of the Strange Creature", the story of a naughty person hidden in the houses; to "The Story of the Three Ducks", a personal interpretation of the fairy tale "Three Little Pigs", where the wolf (that makes a lot of flatulences) is beaten. the conclusion of the show is "The Rhyme of Cock Mario", narrated with the participation of the public. SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Paure e Meraviglie
Country: Italy
Genre: Figure Theatre
Email: info@vladimirostrinati.com,
Url: www.vladimirostrinati.com