Zirkus Frak


Zirkus Frak
NOMARRAMÓN is the result of the research work done during and between summer 2011 and 2012 in “Central del Circ” and “Adriantic/Antic Teatre” (Barcelona) But the journey has gone through Mexico and Argentina. A journey needs time, and it is therefore time the joining point. Time has given place for reflexing and in a certain way for digesting the merging ideas. And these both actions have made the project as it is possible. Thinking about it and once I first performed it I wrote: “Through time we create a multiple identity, from time to time it is possible to isolate and link places, people, sensations… the result NOMARRAMON in a theatre, with people watching and feeling and thus becoming a part of the work. It is the relation between my grandfather and me, between me and circus, between me and life, between life and chance… life and the track we leave, its sense, the consciousness of its finitude. As scenic work: the conjunction of plasticity and text, action and context, rhythm and silence. As a reflection: a walk through circus and life, its philosophy, its way of being, physical effort and emotions. Paradoxically, the vision of two worlds connected through time and genes (my granddad and me) opens windows, doors or pulls down walls and helps me to have a less “self” look of history, aesthetics and human relations. SUITABLE: FOR ALL
Show: Nomarramón
Country: Spain
Email: zirkusfrak@gmail.com,
Url: www.jorgealbuerne.wordpress.com