Bram Graafland

The Yelling Kitchenprince

Bram Graafland
Actor, musician and theater maker Bram Graafland is ‘De Gillende Keukenprins’ (The Yelling Kitchenprince). The Yelling Kitchenprince’s apparatus is the unique all in one Kitchen-organ-drumset: Cooking, playing the organ and drumming at the same time.. a piece of cake! This physical show spins frantically between being theatre, a circus act and a music concert but its final delivery is all about the baking of one solitary pancake. Flying ingredients, pounding music, a really sharp cooking knife all add the driving force for the twentyseven-and-an-half minutes it takes for this ode to reach its climax...the solitary pancake! Obviously this frenetic process does always run like clockwork! SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: The Yelling Kitchenprince
Country: Netherland
Genre: Kitchenorgandrumset physical theatre