Brodyachaya Sobachka Theatre

Ugly Duckling

Brodyachaya Sobachka Theatre
An enthralling fairy tale about a little duckling who was born different from everybody else. A long neck, long legs, short wings, "mack, mack" instead of the usual "quack, quack" – he was not accepted by even his own brothers and sisters, not only other duck aunts and turkey cock uncles. The only thing left to the poor duckling was to die alone on a frozen lake and to watch sadly swans fly in a beautiful white strip in the sky. But a miracle will happen (you must only believe!), and the little ugly duckling will turn into a beautiful white swan and fly away with a flock of swans to distant tropical lands. It is a very interesting performance, the main feature and, perhaps, the charm of which consists in the fact that not a single "human" word is pronounced throughout the show, however, the viewers understand everything and are thrilled. The puppets are like live ducks and geese, they are swimming in real water, diving and splashing, they speak a "bird tongue" and all that is done in order to bring delight and joy to little viewers. SUITABLE FOR: ALL (from 5 years)
Show: Ugly Duckling
Country: Russia
Genre: Puppets theatre