Caci Vorba

Carpathian & Balkan Gypsy Fusion

Caci Vorba
CACI VORBA - "true speech" in Romani language (related to Gypsy songs). With a well-acclaimed performance at the British "WOMAD Festival 2014" (BBC3 Stage), a double-scored Songlines' "Top of the World" mark (2010 & 2011), "German Record Critics Award" (2010), the Polish "Folk Fonograme of the Year" (2011/12) and more than 400 concerts in 19 countries ?a?i Vorba is one of the most recognised folk/world-music bands from Poland of last few years. Original blend of impassionately and expertly treated tradition (Gypsy, Carpathian, Balkan), own compositions and musical „remakes” full of elements of jazz, rock, classical or film music, results in ?a?i Vorba's refreshing approach to Gypsy music, far from beaten paths of brass band's, Balkan-beat or a sequin stylization. Band's own „Gypsy fusion” of styles and genres, performed on acoustic traditional instruments, gives a multi-layer mixture of ethnic trance, rock dynamics, subtle jazzy harmonies and a psychedelic-like space, all tied-in by a charismatic voice of group's soloist Maria Natanson. The singer and a violin player as a teeenager ran off to Carpathian mountains in search for a living village music. There she met and lived with Roma musicians, learned songs, the language and soaked up their musical sensibility. Nowadays she's considered one of most notable female voices of Polish world-music scene, easily moving between several types of East European singing and being one of very few gadji (non-Gypsy) artist creating own lyrics in Romani language. Maria Natanson - vocal, violin, kabak keman Rafa Gontarski - accordion Piotr Majczyna - bouzouki, mandola, guitar Sebastian Szebesta - darabuka, cajon, riqq, daf Robert Brzozowski - double-bass SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Carpathian & Balkan Gypsy Fusion
Country: Poland
Genre: Gypsy music, World-music