Cesare Dell'Anna trio

presentazione album "Baluardo"

Cesare Dell
"Opa Cupa" an explosive band led by Cesare Dell'Anna, over the years has nurtured contamination, experiments and dynamism. In fact, the heart of Opa Cupa is the continuous desire to experiment and get rich musically through the exploration of new sound paths, without the fear of going beyond gender barriers. A formation of three elements in which the trumpet of Caesar Dell'Anna is accompanied by the accordion and the cello played by Rocco Nigro and Redi Hasa. Opa Cupa is the constant search for sharing, it's communication between unknown languages, it's all the social barriers which collaps in front of the confrontation between ethnic groups and cultures seemingly distant and different. The artistic career of the band is characterized by the search of the melodies of the Balkans that intersect with the sounds typical of southern Italy, which are enriched with progressive jazz to create a perfect combination of tradition and avant-garde. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: presentazione album "Baluardo"
Country: Italy
Genre: Balkan/Jazz music
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