Claire Ducreux

The Smile of the Shipwrecked

Claire Ducreux
Claire has the desire to create a gestural language dedicated to the relation she builds with people. Using two security barriers and a human scale fibreglass sculpture from Spanish sculptor, Eduardo Cuadrado, Claire invites three members of the audience to recreate the intimacy and complicity with her, 'the shipwrecked' and their guests... Her character is a 'vagabond', wearing a wool cap and a shabby coat, facing her own solitude with a gentle smile, sharing the little she has with others; beautiful, simple and big hearted. Dance, mime & physical theatre, interaction with the audience, gentleness, charm, strong presence are the usual and unchanging ingredients of her solos. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: The Smile of the Shipwrecked
Country: France
Genre: Dance, mime & physical theatre