Di Filippo Marionette

Cuori di legno

Di Filippo Marionette
The show "Wooden Hearts" is the second show created by the company "Di Filippo Marionette". Born from the meeting between Rhoda Lopez, an Australian singer, actress and puppeteer, and Remo Di Filippo, an italian actor and puppeteer. In the show you can see not only new puppets in action but also expressive techniques like singing and direct acting, in that way the two puppeteers become real actors and singers within the scene. Everything is created by the power of the heart, passing from hand to hand that gives life to whom he is touched.. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Cuori di legno
Country: Italy
Genre: Puppetry
Email: difilippomarionette@gmail.com,
Url: www.difilippomarionette.com