Duo Mezza Pensione

Menù Fisso

Duo Mezza Pensione
The "Duo Mezzo Pensione" is composed by Marco Sforza, a songwriter from Emilia, and the master Gildo Montanari, a famous accordionist from Romagna. It's a project born involuntarily in June 2013 in Pennabilli in front of a bottle of Sangiovese wine. The Emilia and the Romagna are mixed to create an atmosphere vibrant and poetic at the same time, combining most famous songs of the songrwriter Sforza and unforgettable melodies of world pop music, consciously rearranged by the master in a folk way. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Menù Fisso
Country: Italy
Genre: Folk music - songwriting
Email: info@marcosforza.it,
Url: www.marcosforza.it