Francesco Biadene

"Seven Lights" street show

Francesco Biadene
- Francesco Biadene: Guitar and Voice - Michele Pazzini: Drums and Percussion The project of the guitarist and songwriter Francesco Biadene from Pistoia begins in the summer of 2012 with the creation of the first self-produced album "Seven Lights". The project has an extensive use of fingerpicking on the guitar and the loop station with very different sounds from track to track. Despite the tag "songwriter" can sometimes give more importance to the text than the music, the artist's aim is to maintain a good balance between musical innovation and sounds of the words. Everything is mixed with the accompaniment of drums played by Michele Pazzini from San Marino to create a sophisticated and unique effect. Although the project is born with mainly acoustic songs, the idea is to offer different musical situations: from soft-rock pieces with the only use of guitar and vocals, to instrumental improvisations with drums and percussion. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: "Seven Lights" street show
Country: Italy
Genre: Soft-Rock songwriting music