Il Teatro Viaggiante

La Famiglia Mirabella

Il Teatro Viaggiante
"La Famiglia Mirabella", a show by the company "Il Teatro Viaggiante", looks like a contemporary version of old classic circus, but in reality it belongs to the tradition of street theatre of the 20th century. A unique event full of energy, juggling, acrobatics, dance, theatre and music...On the street suddenly appear a Dutch bike with three wheels, unicycles of different sizes, pins, balls, and accompanied by the music five strange characters with flashy clothes, hats and vests, enter of the scene: Edoardo Mirabella and Elisabetta Cavana with their sons Martin, Matilde and Mael. The rhythm of ska music drags the crowd who curiously take a sit near the bizarre family...the show begins! Breathtaking acrobatics on rola bola, dance, juggling and hula hoops entertain and amuse both young and old. The show is hour of visual comedy, street theatre and involvement, where virtuosity and humanity blend to create an imitable and unique atmosphere. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: La Famiglia Mirabella
Country: Italy
Genre: Family street theatre