Les Rois Vagabonds

Concerto per due clown

Les Rois Vagabonds
Clown-musicians between tradition and innovation ... "poets in action" who, through a red nose, a white mask and extravagant clothes, will lay bare to move the viewers and to guide them in a journey to discover a piece of humanity's history. Mime, acrobatics, music, to speak a universal language that touches both young and old, leaving them amazed and amused. Every time they build a new love story with the audience...an invitation to recognize in others the reflection of themselves. SUITABLE FOR: ALL (from 8 years)
Show: Concerto per due clown
Country: France
Genre: Clowning, circus and music
Email: lesroisvagabonds@gmail.com,
Url: www.lesroisvagabonds.com