Mattacchioni Volanti

Eu@genio, il Genio Europeo

Mattacchioni Volanti
"Hello, I am Eu@genius.... Eu@genius who? Eu@genius, the European genius... Do you think that I can manipulate the laws of nature, breaking the "fourth wall" and handle the reality at will? Can I cancel anathemas and give my powers to other people? Do you think I have phenomenal cosmic powers or at least semi-phenomenal? Sorry to disappoint you, none of this. I'm just Eu@genius, the friend that all children would like to have, a character in the popular imagination, a genius and a man-flying flag at the same time, I am the Western reaction to Eastern alchemy...I want to be a bulwark against the identity crisis that is gripping Europe...I want to give you optimism and aphorisms concerning luck, wishes, dreams... I have only one claim: to make you smile and leave you a nice memory in the heart!" SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Eu@genio, il Genio Europeo
Country: Italy
Genre: Living statue