Rumba de Bodas

Rumba de Bodas Street Band

Rumba de Bodas
The "Rumba de Bodas" are a street band from Bologna who brings his unique mix of reggae, swing and Latin rhythms around the world. Despite the variety of genres and sounds produced by these 7 musicians, all the members have in common an explosive joyfulness that characterize every concert, always played with the same dose of contagious energy in Italian clubs as on the stage of northern Europe festivals. This summer in Pennabilli you can dance on the upbeat rhythms played by the Rumba, and listen both the stage version, like in their last album "Karnaval Fou", and in their marching band version, acoustic music on the street. SUITABLE FOR: ALL
Show: Rumba de Bodas Street Band
Country: Italy
Genre: Street Marching Band - Reggae, Swing, Balkan, Latin music