Teatr Delikates

With the head in the clouds. Dreamers

Teatr Delikates
It's an open air audio production, when people put their heads into the clouds to listen to the recorded play and perform some of the commands..in this way creating a spectacle themselves. It's look like a walk WITH A HEAD IN THE CLOUDS. From within the cloud you’ll catch a beautiful weave story based on the oldest legends of the world.. A story about what the world is like, that you are part of it, and about how much this depends on you... Having both feet planted firmly on the ground and yet having your head in the clouds for a moment of dream? This is just what you experience in "Dreamers", an open air audio production which leads you on an offbeat journey with your head in the clouds, into an illusion of time and space. “Let us halt for a moment and give ourselves to this moment. Let go of your plans and your commitments. Be there and now. Nothing else matters…" Your vision blurred and directed by orders from your headset, you explore the boundaries of your personal capabilities. It's a very positive and spiritual experience. SUITABLE FOR: ALL (from 10 years)
Show: With the head in the clouds. Dreamers
Country: Poland
Genre: Theatre with the head in the clouds
Email: delikates@teatrdelikates.pl,
Url: www.teatrdelikates.pl