blucinQue Associazione Qanat


blucinQue Associazione Qanat
Vertigo...a whirling motion of rotation, a change..confusion, loss of balance, distortion of sensory perception...Vertigo as an idea of the relationship between to be and not to be, a loss of sense and meaning, disturbance of spatial sensitivity, such as temporary loss of mental and sentimental equilibrium...these themes are the subjects of the research work of the companies "blucinQue" and "Cirko Vertigo". "Vertigo" is a project of contemporary circus by the company "blucinQue" who analyzes, in drama and in movement, the themes of displacement, the feeling to be out of space and out of body, constantly moving, changing and disequilibrium. It develops a language that deepens the dialogue between, dance, circus, theatre, live music and electronics. Actors and musicians bring on the scene their own experience of vertigo, between present past and future, building a original and articulate journey of images and sounds that leads to a constant reflection on the condition of suspension and change in ourselves.. SUITABLE FOR: ALL (from 7 years)
Country: Italy
Genre: Modern circus