Circo El Grito

Bagatelle et Frascherie

Circo El Grito

A new production created to remember the origins of the company "Circo El Grito", who unites the poetic narration of contemporary circus with the ancient performance of the juggler and the acrobat. The show is a tribute that Ruiz Diaz Fabiana, Giacomo Costantini e Andrea Farnetani turn to the nomadic community of tightrope walkers, tricksters, magicians and dancers, with the aim of giving dignity and depth to the circus art.

In 2011, from "Espace Catastrophe" in Bruxelles (international center of circus art creation) was born "Circo El Grito", and for the first time in Italy, a company of contemporary circus enters into the most important cultural centers of the Country and into the three symbolic venues: the street, the theatre, and the chapiteau.
El Grito, with the "Fondazione Musica per Roma" has organized "ECCì! El Grito Christmas Circus", the international festival of contemporary circus of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, with the artistic direction of Giacomo Costantini.
El Grito is the partner and the official venue of the prestigious "Internazional Biennial of Contemporary Circus of Bruxelles".
In 2014, in collaboration with the "Teatro Pubblico Pugliese", was born "El Grito Verso Oriente", a project of spread of contemporary circus in Brindisi.


Show: Bagatelle et Frascherie
Country: Italy - Uruguay
Genre: Modern circus