ETF Productions


ETF Productions

Chris Lynam’s new solo show and the name of the character (ErictheFred), is an evocative, delightful and life-affirming piece combining twisted classical clowning, exquisite film and stunning original music. The show begins with an hilariously enraged performer tearing off his costume, never to perform again. At this desperate point, his super conscious mind kicks in, fiendishly provoking him to dream, to remember, to fall in love, to dare, to carry on or… to end it all.

The audience is transported to a strange, unnervingly familiar world where the clown’s innermost thoughts manifest themselves: instruments appear as if from nowhere; butterflies harass and cajole; knives, noose and gun all fail him. In this acrobatic tour de force, ErictheFred is tugged from one extreme to the other, running the gamut of human emotions; suffering dismay at the death of his beloved, enjoying the long awaited rapture of an adoring audience and transcending everything, traveling to the moon, only to be obliterated in an explosion of stars. Returning to his familiar world, the clown rediscovers his joy only for it to be destroyed again in inevitable chaos. It ends in delicate surrender, the show and the clown must go on!


Show: ErictheFred
Country: England
Genre: Multimedia comedy silent clown