Giorgio Bertolotti

Juri The Cosmonaut

Giorgio Bertolotti

Giorgio Bertolotti presents "Juri The Cosmonaut", a show between circus and science. It takes place in a geosphere which turns in a spaceship, projected by himself with the Czechoslovak director Petr Forman.

After Samantha Cristoforetti, another Italian has been seen between stars...who is he? His name is JURI. A hero, a brave man, an interstellar explorer, Juri is a cosmonaut...or this is what the other see about him... Juri is a man who is afraid, indeed, who dreams, he is a child, Juri is a clown. He travels with his personal spaceship to unknown planets, to himself. He has lefts sure to know himself, to be ready for any possibility and unexpected event, but then he has put into play all his convictions... Get in his small spaceship, tie your safety belts, open your hearts and get lost in dreams...


Show: Juri The Cosmonaut
Country: Italy
Genre: Clown in space