La Fausse Compagnie

Song of the Horns / Le Chant des Pavillons

La Fausse Compagnie

La Fausse Compagnie, founded by French musicians Clair-Noel Le Saulnier and Thomas Le Saulnier, is a group dedicated to creating live perfromance. Although the musicians come from a classic music training, over time they open to contemporary genres such as world music and jazz. Their music is made of original musical compositions, artistically curious and creative. Song of the Horns trio offers "Le Chant Des Pavillons": a unique combination of strings and horns, a particular use of traditional musical instruments to create extraordinary sounds. The goal of these musicians is to revive forgotten and unusual instruments, which have their roots in the previous century. In search of vibrant encounters, the three musicians wander amongst the people with their ageless, a-typical instruments: a Stroh-violin, a Stroh-cello and a Stroh-bass. Their musical journey is unpredictable, funny, sensitive and luminous.



With the support of:

"La Francia in scena", the artistic season of Institut français Italia, is realized by Ambasciata di Francia in Italia, with the support of Institut français, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati, Sacem Copie Privée, Commissione Europea (Creative Europe) and Ministero dell'Istruzione italiano dell'Università e della Ricerca - Afam (MIUR - Afam).

Show: Song of the Horns / Le Chant des Pavillons
Country: France
Genre: Musical street art performance