Rien à dire


The clown Leandre performs in "Rien à dire", a show of poetic humour without words. Through empaty, surprise and laughter, the clown is able to create an opening to observe humanity from a different view, a place between optimism and nostalgia where the beauty can appear.

"A stage with four pieces of furniture and a door. A home in front of the audience. Without walls. A house full of vacant spaces, with holes open to the absurd, visited by imaginary spectators. A single character surrounded by presences and imbalances. A time stopped at a frantic pace, with ghosts in the wardrobe, flying socks, raining umbrellas, playful mirrors, elusive lamps, surprise packages, telepathic pianos, silent music. Nonsense. Demons. Dreams. A dream house to share loneliness and emotions. Here and now."


Show: Rien à dire
Country: Spain
Genre: Clown
Email: agnesforn@leandre.es,
Url: www.leandre.es