Les Humains Gauches

Kalash and Moumoute

Les Humains Gauches

Les Humains Gauches is a professional group of clowns, created in 2006 in Poitier, which offers a radical and raw approach to the "red nose". The characters are clowns of the street, everybody with their own original features: Moumoute, Kalash, Plexus, Nichon.
«Kalash e Moumoute» are two tramps clowns, who propose a circolar show where the poverty generates the sublime, the cruelty of desire and disastrous gags. A show for two clowns, a leash, a gun, a wedding dress, two bottles of sparkling, two kilograms of rice, 80cl of urine, a lipstick, and hot sweat. The audience watches them live, straight from the street in the privacy of  home they don’t have any more or they never had. A comic a bit awful, dirty and nasty.



With the support of:

"La Francia in scena", the artistic season of Institut français Italia, is realized by Ambasciata di Francia in Italia, with the support of Institut français, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati, Sacem Copie Privée, Commissione Europea (Creative Europe) and Ministero dell'Istruzione italiano dell'Università e della Ricerca - Afam (MIUR - Afam).


Show: Kalash and Moumoute
Country: France
Genre: Clown vagabonds
Email: humains.gauches@gmail.com,
Url: www.humains-gauches.com/