Loco Brusca


Loco Brusca

The master of Bunraku, Mitsuhiro Yakitori, finds a doll in his studio that belonged to his grandfather and which he played with lovingly as a child. He decides to prepare some dramatic scenes of Bunraku stories and try some new mechanisms that almost bring Shisu to life. During interminable minutes the magic becomes reality but so much emotion and drama end up destroying the doll forever and break the illusion. Faced with such a catastrophe, he decides to commit harakiri….. a terrible piece of stupidity…. A story of impossible love, of grotesque aesthetics, strong emotions, poetry, with corporal work based on butoh, physical theatre and mime.

The tragic point of view of the clown in love, death in butoh, mimicry amongst the techniques, the finely-mixed music and the emotions during the story, are all brought together in just the right doses to create a uniquely-styled show that achieves an especially sensitive magnetism with the audience.


Country: Spain - Mexico
Genre: Butoh and comedy
Email: luisbrusca@gmail.com,