MagdaClan Circo


MagdaClan Circo

The MagdaClan company stages in Pennabilli the show called "Extra_Vagante" , an art project that was born from the desire to restructure the shape of " Cabaret " to deconstruct the circus with surreal images and sharp irony .

The meeting point is an old attic where,among old rags and objects, the "Senza_testa" dummies animates their circus. Carlone,a small cloth circus,goes against to entertainment,assimilating and destroying the "Senza_testa" game.

The old attic opens and becomes a television studio, rather than an intimate space of loneliness,a scene of a battle to the death,a prison,a field of crickets in the morning. Slowly cloths come together and give life to thelong dreamed holiday dress.
Cinderella's desire to have a worthy dress, for a moment, come true and skirt becomes huge, disproportionate , as in fairy tales or cartoons.


Show: Extra_vagante
Country: Italy
Genre: Modern circus