Mario Levis

L'Albero che Suona la Sega

Mario Levis

"L’Albero che Suona la Sega" is a musical performance of a tree that enchants the audience telling a story by combining the dreamlike image of itself with notes.
A narrator welcomes the public and brings it to know a curious character, the last tree remained of an ancient wood! All of his family has been cut by the men to support the growth of a city. While the narrator tells us the story, the tree takes life and enchants us playing a saw, really one of those used for cutting the wood where he lived. It is born so from this touching contrast, a modern, ecological and poetic fable, proper for great and small. A history that makes us understand as from a tool of destruction can be born the poetry.



Show: L'Albero che Suona la Sega
Country: Italy
Genre: Teatro di figura, narrazione e musica dal vivo.