Nota ballerina sulla 18esima strada

La maledizione di nota ballerina

Nota ballerina sulla 18esima strada

Post-apocalyptic grunge trio, where piano, drum and bass guitar become interfaces of a dream. A primordial and free musical dream. Far from technicisms and academies the band draws strenght from its imperfection changing it into something unique.

"Nota Ballerina ("dancing note") isn't afraid of mirrors. She loves to get lost following unknown destinations, far from the noise of civilization. The only time she came up with the civil world, she was arrested for indecent melodies in a public place. Nota Ballerina feeds on dreams, illusions, inconsciousness. She lives just because it should not exist. She lives the paradox of cover long trips, even standing still on one point. And every evening at nightfall along the 18th street, the silence is interrupted by a broken echo of footsteps...It's Nota Ballerina tiptoed back to dance with her three lovers."



Show: La maledizione di nota ballerina
Country: Italy
Genre: Post-apocalyptic grunge trio