Pigmalião Escultura Que Mexe

O Quadro de Uma Familia

Pigmalião Escultura Que Mexe

The show, created in 2013, portrays a prosperous and happy family which shows, little by little, its imperfections and the reality of each one of its members. An animalized family in which all of the members are humanized pigs or human transformed in pigs, but always extremely formal. "O Quadro de Uma Familia" mixes actors and puppets to create a critical portrait of the contemporary family.

Pigmalião Escultura Que Mexe is a group of artists coming from differtent areas, who has found in the theatre of figure the ideal vehicle to develop shows that cross the borders between the visual and the performing arts. Created in 2007, the group has always focused on the creation of shows with cultural and philosophical depth, using the hypnotic effect caused by the illusion of alive puppets to make audience think. The puppet and its relationship with the actor and the visual theatre are the principal searching objectives of this company. In the progressive building of its own identity, the Pigmalião group works for the acknowledgment of puppets' theatre in the contemporary artistic production.


Show: O Quadro de Uma Familia
Country: Brasil
Genre: Illustration theatre
Email: grupopigmaliao@gmail.com,
Url: www.pigmaliao.com