Roberto Mercadini

Felicità for dummies

Roberto Mercadini

Roberto Mercadini is a poet, a narrator. At Artisti In Piazza he presents "Felicità for dummies", a semi-serious monologue about happiness and daily wellness.

Mercadini calls himself a storyteller, an unusual narrator. He don't care tell stories, but he's interested to a story when it becomes a symbol of something, a mirror of something that exists into reality, when he can take 2, 3, 4 stories and interweave them. The peculiarity of his theater, which causes sensation and perplexity, is that he makes storytelling performances without writing a text, he writes a list of arguments, nothing more. The text comes from saying and for say, for the stage, from orality and for orality. Orality as art and as a tool for knowledge sharing.


Show: Felicità for dummies
Country: Italy
Genre: narrative theater