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The Lost Wheels of Time

Serious Clowns

"The Lost Wheels of Time" is an outdoor visual clown show for all ages. An unusual mix of humour and surrealism, it equally appeals to children and adults and is enthralling for both naive and sophisticated audience. The simple story about the relationship between two eccentric, cartoon-like characters, is not merely an entertaining array of gags, but also a philosophical reflection upon issues of man versus Nature, old age versus youth, compassion versus egoism.

Deep in the forest lives an old and lonely Wizard. His obsession with Time makes him create more and more machines, hoping one day he will master Time itself. One day, a young playful Rabbit discovers the Wizard's laboratory and accidentally messes up an experiment... Furious, the Wizard punishes the Rabbit by turning him into an Old Man.The Old Man turns out to be great company! Unfortunately... he soon dies of old age. The Wizard realizes he just lost his only friend, and uses all his wisdom to try and bring him back to life. However, only with the help of the audience he can find the solution!

"Having large experience of working in drama, clowning, dance, performance art, circus, children theater etc., we have created a fusion which combines all these genres and tells a touching human story.  We believe in street theater, which for us means being open to interact with the public and the location; adapting the show to different settings is always a thrilling challenge, and it is exciting to see how the location is miraculously transformed by our set, lights and sound, and of course, by the energy of the performance. The show was inspired by two great books, Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland and Eugene Schwartz's The Tale About Lost Time. The first one influenced the choice of the show's athmospere and protagonists, while the second one introduced the idea of human responsibility of messing with transcendental values such as Time." (Fyodor Makarov e Adam Read)




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Show: The Lost Wheels of Time
Country: Australia - Israel - Russia
Genre: Outdoor clownerie