Zero en Conducta

La derniére danse de Brigitte

Zero en Conducta

Born in 2011 at "Marionetas de Pepe Otal" Laboratory in Barcelona, the theater project of the group Zero En Conducta (José Antonio Puchades/Putxa e Julieta Gascón Roque) explores the gesture and the puppetry to create a own personal visual language. At Artisti In Piazza they presents their last project: "La derniere danse de Brigitte". Brigitte is too old that her memories are in black and white, scratched and sometimes incompleted... So old that even herself is not sure about what she remembers. But what she certainly knows is that her life will come soon to the end. And now she realizes that she can't waste anymore time to pack all those memories that she wants to take with her until the last breath.

Welcome to Brigitte's world of dance, mime, puppets and visual theater. A place where the movement repalces the words for the storytelling.


Show: La derniére danse de Brigitte
Country: Spain - Mexico