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Company of Animals

Artful Badger

The Artful Badger is an interdisciplinary live arts company whose aim is to facilitate the viewer or participant to engage the wild and feral side of their own humanity. Through inclusivity and interactivity we promote free engagement and play. We encourage the continuation or integration of these values into the daily lives of those experiencing our work.

Company of Animals is an interactive dance invented by Zoe Cobb, inspired to training technics learned at the official center of J.Grotowski, in Tuscany.
Company of Animals is able to bring joy, surprise and interest into the viewer. This dance doesn't need a stage or a specific area, because it's based on continue mutation and improvisation, becoming an interactive and itinerant element. Dancers are usually dressed with masks and very particular costumes of faunistic inspiration: sparkling fishes, birds with different head, animals of the woods, or exoctic animals.
These dancers follow a specific training to identify with their animals, as consequence the behavior of the performers isn't human anymore, but become wild-animal, courious, playful, skeptic to the human world they have around.
The performance of Company of Animals isn't never the same, in fact it transforms with the reactions of the audience, and also masks and costumes can change during the show.

This interactive show had a great success at important English festivals like Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, Vault Festival, Latitude.

Show: Company of Animals
Country: England
Genre: Interactive dance