Claudio e Consuelo

La Cucina Errante

Claudio e Consuelo

"La Cucina Errante" is a traveling show, with people singing, stories, music, juggling, clowning. Two extravagant cooks travelers, a man and a woman, travel together with their baggage of complicity, endurance and not, with their cracking vehicle, an hybrid between a kitchen and a boat with wheels. They talk about traveling and cooking, telling different places, peoples and kitchens, in a casual and crazy way; leaving a trail of reflections, cooking scents and poetic comedy.

This bizarre couple knows that, people don't need only food... to live you need to feed and travel with the immagination. The travel is a journey of mutation and the stop is necessary to reflect on the needs of life. The imagination, the world's visions, the desires that take shape in the stories, are nourishment, not "fried air".

"La Cucina Errante" is an years and half old show, and still be a work in progress which continues to evolve using what's on his route: it start from an idea of two chefs/travellers who cross over with cultures, peoples, customs and foods, chefs/travellers who look for a space for poetry and fantasy.

The journey intersects with the inner journey. Every city touched by the "cucina errante" becomes the whole world with its various kitchens, music, countries and peculiarities.

There is no end to the show, no obligatory path, as there is no end and forced route to the journey that leads to knowledge:
each one follows his endless path and his own ingredients.

Show: La Cucina Errante
Country: Italy
Genre: Itinerant street theater