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Fekat Circus

Fekat Circus, which in Amharic means “blossoming circus”, was born in 2004 in the outskirts of Addis Ababa out of the initiative of a group of young Ethiopians united by a deep and unique relationship of brotherhood and positive values. They had grown up in a suburb of Addis Ababa and had had the good fortune to be familiarized with circus from a very young age. They shared a common dream: to create a circus with  youngsters who had never imagined to be on a stage in their life.
The essence of the project was: let’s do something good for ourselves and for the others. This  has probably been the secret of the project’s success, which never stopped growing, allowing many children and youngsters to develop their inner potentialities (blossoming!), and attracting the support of different individuals and organizations.
In 2009 Fekat Circus moved to a green and ancient compound in the historical centre of Addis Ababa (Piassa), where it now has its administrative office together with rehearsal (gym) and performing (theatre) space.

Fekat Circus today counts 26 permanent employees and is one of the most active circus organizations in Ethiopia. Besides staging professional circus shows,  it runs the main circus school in the capital with a yearly attendance of about 100 trainees; it organizes daily circus trainings and workshops in orphanages, street children rehabilitation projects, and a juvenile prison, reaching over 450 children per year; it provides daily entertaining activities to almost 10,000 patients in the paediatric ward of the Black Lion Hospital; it conducts circus-theatre performances addressing social and health issues all over the country; and it animates private parties. Fekat Circus also undertakes regular exchange programs with international artists and did four successful tours in Europe.

The soul of Fekat Circus is composed of two cores: a social part that entertains and stimulates thousands of children living in challenging situations; and an artistic/professional part that builds the skills of aspiring Ethiopian circus artists and provides them with work opportunities. As a matter of fact, Fekat Circus has been a real springboard for many of them, with several now working with circuses all over the world.

Be-on is a sound from far away, that brings the beauty of travel and the contagious and explosive joy of whom brings surprise and liveliness in a sad worls, as a flower that blooms on the asphalt.
Be-on is a sound that in Ethiopia means "if it were". Be-on is desire of imagination and poetry.
Be-on is a performance created by humble men and women, who resist with passion and strength, and think that beyond the gray there is a world full of beauty.
These artists spread their positivity with the intense rhythm of ethipian traditional dances, bringing novelty on the streets; they play with time and space, transforming every adversity into a creative dream; with their acrobatics they leave our heart in the throat, waiting to see the great beauty come true.

Show: Be-on
Country: Ethiopia
Genre: Nouveau Cirque
Email: danidifro@gmail.com,
Url: http://fekatcircus.com/