Gli Orsi

live concert

Gli Orsi

It's a dark and dragging imaginary the world created by Gli Orsi, which draws inspiration from the movie world to confront with the sounds of tradition and pop.
Their music is a journey of images. Contemplative sounds, dense with melancholy even when they are muttering, escape from the demarcation of popular music and the nostalgia of a world of memories.
We could find ourselves in a fanta-pop-folk view of Yann Tiersen or in Pinocchio of Comencini.
It doesn't matter. To each one his dreamlike remarks.
The concert features pieces of their composition from their first album "Via Emilia" and from the secondo one “…è così” and from various unpublished songs.

Diatonic organ: Stefano Bonato
Guitar and piano: Stefano Pagliarani
Trumpet: Davide Fabbri


Show: live concert
Country: Italy
Genre: contemporary folk