Julico & La Terapia Latina


Julico & La Terapia Latina

After an intense tour in Argentina, on 6 April 2017, it finally released in Italy and on digital platforms his second album "SOS". A mixture of South American rhythms and European song.

Briefly: Julián Corradini, in art "JULICO", comes from a family of musicians, graduated in Languages ??and in Economics and works as singer-songwriter. Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, he raised in Marche (Italy) where he lives; author, composer, guitarist, he wrote and played with and for many artists in Italy and South America. Founder of  the group Turkish Café and La Terapia Latina, he opened concerts of Fabi, Capossela, Vecchioni, Bandabardò, Marlene Kuntz, Pil y Los Violadores, Marta sui Tubi.
It's a story that emigrant children of emigrant parents know well: a child tooks away from his place of birth and implanted in another, "provisionally forever". From this duality comes his first solo album entitled "Doble Mundo - Doppio Mondo".

He realease two more albums with his band Turkish Café, which are awarded in many competitions and are finalists in Area Sanremo in 2015 and 2016; among them stands out "L'Amore Cade Addosso", which wins the Musicultura 2015 festival, also receiving the S.I.A.E. prize dedicated to the best music. In 2014 he undergoes an intervention of Neurosurgery that changes his life forever. He resolves his congenital pathology, and writes a song dedicated to his surgeon, titled "Rust", which opens the doors to the Area Sanremo 2016 finals.

Show: SOS
Country: Italy - Argentina
Genre: South American songs
Email: juliancorradini@gmail.com,
Url: www.julico.it