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Orchestra Bailam

Orchestra Bailam was born in 1989. Their acustic musical repertoire includes Klezmer, Balkan, Greek-Turkish and Arabian music and also their own compositions, that creates a very dynamic, engaging and funny concert, typical of small Mediterranean orchestras.
They recorded "Mamma li turchi" ('91 SudNord), “Bailamme” ('01 World Music), “Non occidentalizzarti” ('06 Felmay),"Lengua Serpentina" ('07 Cni), "Harem Bailam" ('09 Felmay).
They performed in various theatrical performances (Butterfly Bazaar, Moka Cabaret, Il mare negli occhi per Chanceeventi), collaborated with Cavalli Marci, and took part in the film Tandem with Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglou, and played in many klezmer music shows in Italy and abroad (France, Germany, Spain ...).
Since 2004 they have been performing in Russia, Crimea, Siberia, Turkey as representatives for the cultural promotion of the city of Genoa (City of Culture 2004).

On the occasion of the band's twenty-years, in 2009, they realased the live album "Harem Bailam", in which have collaborated many musicians like Marco Beasley, Eyal Lerner, Marco Fadda, Roberta Alloisio, Marica Pellegrini.

In February 2013 was realeased "Galata", created by the collaboration between Orchestra Bailam and Compagnia di Canto Trallalero; this album is a union of Greek-Turkish tradition and the Genovese trallalero singing; produced and distributed internationally by Felmay, it has excellent sales results and good reviews in Italian national channels (Radio Rai, Music Magazines, Blog ...) and foreigners channels (England, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Australia, Canada .. .)

"Galata" was named as album of the month by 'Blogfoolk' and considered as "the album that was missing in Italian folk music" by Folk Bulletin, "authentic masterpiece of traditional music"' by LineaTrad. It was added in the last compilation of the English magazine "FROOTS", the bible of international world music, with the definition "Turkey meets Genoa. Levantine joy".

In 2014 they received the FIM Award by the Liguria Region as the best reality of the Ligurian tradition. In 2013/2014/2015 they performed in France and in the main Folk Festival of Italy, getting excellent public feedback.

The new album "Tekes, aman and cafè aman" released on 18th March 2016 for the label Felmay, and in a short time it has reached the top 20 places of  ITunes sales in Mexico, Australia, Germany and France.

Show: Harem Bailam
Country: Italy
Genre: Klezmer, Balkan, Greek-Turkish and Arabian music
Email: edmondo.romano@gmail.com,
Url: www.orchestrabailam.net