Catin Nardi Marionette

Pocket Show

Catin Nardi Marionette

Marionetes Navigating Theater is a company founded in 1990 and directed by Catin Nardi.
Nardi presents his shows with puppets and other animation techniques, organizes courses for beginners and professionals, develops research in the mechanics of puppets, performs art exhibitions and shows with dolls and television productions. 

In Pocket Show the marionettes navigate poetically between the universe of music, choreography and performance.
Characters like "Tai Shao Lin", "Tonino Guerra" and other main attractions present a theatrical show with poetic moments and comic interpretation.

This show has already participated in many national and international festivals, delighting for the sophisticated manipulation and the high technical quality of the puppets.


Show: Pocket Show
Country: Brasil
Genre: Puppets theatre