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La Bestia

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Born in 2004 in the suburbs of Addis Ababa, today the Fekat Circus has 26 members and is one of the most active circus organizations in Ethiopia: produces professional circus shows, runs the main circus school in the capital with an annual attendance of about 100 students, organizes daily courses of seminars, workshops in orphanages, rehabilitation projects for abandoned children, and runs a prison for minors, which has more than 450 children a year; offers fun daily activities to patients in the pediatric ward of Black Lion Hospital; produces theatrical performances about social and health problems throughout the country; undertakes regular exchange programs with international artists promoting successful tours in Europe.

The show "The Beast" recalls a freak-show, the realm of morbid curiosity where it shows everything that is usually hidden, unpleasant to the eye.
"Ladies and gentlemen, children and girls! THE BEAST! The Beast, Lords, The animal, The Monster! For the first time in the city! An invasion of ferocity, violence, wickedness! 100% Black beast! Worst race! Be brave and courageous! What we have here is a full-blown beast! You want to see this Beast??? Do you want to see??? Are you ready to be outraged by fear?? And then ladies and gentlemen, children and little girls ... behold ... THE BEAST! From Mysterious Africa! Dangerous, treacherous, predatory! Bewildering! Inaudible! It hurts! I can not believe it! But we believe in it, Ladies and Gentlemen, and I Let us show: The Beast, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Beast! But who is this Beast? But this Beast, what do you want, but why not leave it there... well... in the jungle, I say! In the midst of the other beasts. Those like him. To his fellow men. But no, ladies and gentlemen, we have brought you here and you look at it now! Because the Beast bites, but what I say bites, the Beast slashes! Taste the fear of being prey to the Beast! The Beast, Lords and Ladies! The Beast! He looks like a man but he is not! He speaks a threatening and incomprehensible language, he eats with his hands, he does not wash himself, he does not understand what he thinks! In two words: it's scary!"


Show: La Bestia
Country: Ethiopia - Italia
Genre: Nouveau cirque
Email: danidifro@gmail.com,
Url: https://riminicirco.com/la-bestia/