Forró Miór

live concert

Forró Miór

"One of the most inspired and renowned bands of this genre." Le Monde
Forró Miór presents an explosive and exciting concert of forró pé de serra with Afro-Latin contaminations.
Accordion, guitar, zabumba and triangle create an irresistible rhythmic groove in which the song is melted, light and intense, that speaks of party, of dances, but also of migration stories, distance and saudade. Several musical contaminations from milonga, cumbia to calypso, samba and latin jazz.

"I Forró Miór reinterprets the forró with many rhythmic influences from around the world. Their new album Trotamundos is the demonstration" Brasil, Radio 1 RAI


Show: live concert
Country: Italy - Portugal
Genre: Forró, afro, latin music