Jessica Arpin / Cia Tita8lou

Miss Margarita

Jessica Arpin / Cia Tita8lou

Circus artist, clown, actress and explorer, Jessica Arpin was born in Salvador, Bahia. At eighteen he began her studies at the National Circus School of Montréal and since then she has walked the scenes in the tents and on the streets of the whole world. Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Nuvavut (North Pole), every time in the local language, grows professionally in the art of "without borders", between theater, circus, street and cabaret.

During the performance Miss Margarita makes her pizzas with hands, feet, with everything.. Appriciate her figure, sumptuous, holding her magic rolling pin, with her elegant pinny and a “mafia” handiness. She is always complaning, she has a horrible nature, she is italian.. or maybe not?


Show: Miss Margarita
Country: Swizerland - Brazil
Genre: Clownerie, cirque