Le Cirque Bidon

Entrez dans la danse!

Le Cirque Bidon

After the extraordinary success of the summer tour that brought him back to Italy in 2016 after 15 years of absence, the legendary Cirque Bidon returns. Among the companies that most contributed to the creation of what today is the contemporary Italian and European circus, the caravan led by the founder Francois Rauline, called Bidon, returns to cross the Alps and arrives in Emilia Romagna for a 3-month tour, which from 11 June to 5 September 2018, will touch numerous Romagnoli municipalities and some Emilian towns.

First stop, from 11 to 16 June (9.30 pm) the Festival Artisti In Piazza in Pennabilli, in the province of Rimini, where the new production will be debuted with the title "Entrez dans la danse!".

We need art and poetry; we need to meet new faces and gestures; we need to be slow, to follow the rhythm of nature; we need a dream, a utopia. There is a need for closeness, sharing, community: there is a lot of expectation in the Emilia-Romagna towns and cities that will host the Cirque Bidon from 11 June to 5 September.

The most poetic circus that has ever trod the streets of Romagna will bring to the region its incredible charge of freedom and passion, enchanting along the way all those who want to enter its magical world, following its horse-drawn carriages.

Witness of a choice of life against the current, the company Cirque Bidon, led by François Rauline (aka François Bidon) will bring on stage, or better "on track", the show "Entrez dans la danse!", Launching the dreams of the audience in orbit and the actors.

A journey in which the theater mixes with dance and circus, comedy with poetry. Songs, choreography, mime scenes, illustrations with unusual, unexpected images: everything on stage helps to create a unique atmosphere, in which metaphysical questions find a circus resolution and answers to existential questions in a simple and fun way. The direction of the show is by François Rauline.

The project will involve two Italian artists, Enrico Mazza (actor, clown, acrobat) and Gabriella Piccatto (illustrator). The other collaborators, French, are 6 actors / circus: Frédérique Zagato (actress, singer), Léo Royer (juggler, musician, acrobat), Maël Commard Pascual (juggler, tightrope walker), Manon Hantz (rider, trainer, acrobat), Camille Magand (aerial acrobat, trapeze artist, clown); 4 musicians: Coline Muller, accordionist, singer, Viviane Mogica, violinist, singer, Marie Lemesle, violinist, singer, Quentin Gaignard, guitarist, singer; the costumes are curated by Margaux Pasquet, the illustrations curated by Gabriella Piccatto.

The show is made with the support of the DRAC Center-Val de Loire, the Région Center-Val de Loire and the Center des Monuments Nationaux.

Theater of art and poetry, Cirque Bidon was born in France in the '70s, in sharp contrast with the traditional circus, that of exotic animals and large circus families. Shortly after, François arrives in Italy with his first friends and artists and, with his mix of theater, acrobatics, live music and clowning, he gives life to a new circus form for our country and still today a source of inspiration for many artists. who practice contemporary circus.

Cirque Bidon's 2018 summer tour in Emilia Romagna is organized by ATER - Emilia Romagna Theater Association - Multidisciplinary Regional Circuit, Necessary Theater Association and All Matti Association for Colorno. The replies from 11 to 16/06 are made in collaboration with Artists In Piazza - Pennabilli Festival, Ass. Ultimo Punto, City of Pennabilli, Proloco of Pennabilli. And with the support of MiBACT, Emilia-Romagna Region, INSTITUT FRANÇAIS d'Italie / Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati - Francia in Scena.

TICKETS: June 11th,12th,13th: intero 15 €; ridotto 8 € (from 4 to 13 years old);
June 14th,15th and 16th ticket 10€ for who have already a ticket for the festival

TICKET PRESALE: http://www.liveticket.it/circobidonepennabilli


Show: Entrez dans la danse!
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Genre: Nouveau cirque
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