MagdaClan Circo


MagdaClan Circo

MadaClan Circo is a company of contemporary circus, without animals, which combines the traditional imagination of the circus tent to the innovation of a contemporary language, poetic, multifaceted, in a popular and enchanting.
MagdaClan traveling with its tent produces shows, takes their own to the track, hosts events, offers workshops, debates and promotes art by organizing festivals and exhibitions, the small size of the tent allows you to get into the hearts of cities by creating a unique relationship with the urban space, the local community and institutions.

The Emisfero show is a journey between opposites: acrobats and musicians will accompany the audience to different places and hemispheres, be they cities, emotions or colors, to then bring them together, and transform them until they leave the tent changed, in the opposite hemisphere, or maybe not. A tribute to change, to losing one's way and then finding new ones, to the darkness that gives birth to light.
Our mind like a circus tent where acrobats and live musicians travel from hemisphere to hemisphere paying attention to who really commands within us. Soul, heart, mind? A tribute to the man and his incredible mechanism, to the daily balance, to the circus of life.

The mind is like a parachute. Only works if opened. (Albert Einstein)


This show has a limited number of seats but without reservation, we suggest to be there 1 hour before the beginning. To access you must have a valid Festival's ticket.

Show: Emisfero
Country: Italy
Genre: Nouveau cirque